Google's assets were arrested in South Africa based on the decision of the Moscow Arbitrage Court

Due to the refusal of Google South Africa (SA) to unblock the YouTube channel "TV Channel Spas", the High Court of the Republic of South Africa has taken interim measures in the form of seizure of the corporation's assets. South Africa is a BRICS country.

Lawyers representing the interests of the Orthodox Television Foundation, first of all, justified the right to file a lawsuit against the American corporation in South Africa. In doing so, the shares and trademarks of Google LLC/Google SA were immediately seized.

Next, the High Court of the Republic of South Africa will proceed to the consideration of the main application, which is to fully recognize the decision of the Arbitrage Court of Moscow in South Africa. The arrest of the defendant's property will remain in place for the entire period.

More than a year ago, the Russian and American divisions of Google were obliged to unblock the YouTube channel "TV channel Spas" at the suit of the Orthodox Television Foundation[1]. However, the corporation never restored access to the Spas YouTube channel, and now a court in South Africa has blocked the assets of Google's South African division.

More than a dozen other publications from Russia have initiated similar processes against the American corporation because of the blocking of their accounts on the video hosting site. Some of them are seeking recognition and enforcement of Moscow Arbitrage Court rulings in 15 jurisdictions around the world.

[1] Case No. A40-211341/2022