Our strategic alliances
We work together with
Russian audit-company "Sterngoff Audit", Moscow
Audit company "Sterngoff Audit" is our partner in terms of audit and tax consulting.

The company specializes in providing audit services according to Russian and international standards, as well as tax consulting for subsidiaries of foreign concerns in Russia. In addition, the audit company regularly conducts trainings and seminars on current topics of accounting and taxation, as well as the transformation of reporting in accordance with international financial reporting standards.

Sterngoff Audit is a member of the audit Association "Sodruzhestvo" under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, as well as a full member of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade (AHK) and the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Russian Federation. Among the regular clients in the field of audit are manufacturing, trading and service enterprises, mainly with German and Austrian investments, operating in various branches of light and heavy industry, as well as in agriculture.

Ms. Olga Grigorieva – Partner, CEO, Auditor, Tax Consultant. She extensive experience in auditing enterprises according to Russian legislation as a project manager, as well as according to international standards, has a Diploma in International Financial Reporting issued by the Association of Certified Accountants, Great Britain, London. She has an auditor's certificate since 2007, a member of "Russian Union of Auditor" since 2009, a member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants since 2014.
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